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An excellent selection of Prisma-style filters


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PaintLab is a photo-editing app that, like the popular Prisma, lets you apply a series of spectacular filters to your photos. The only downside is, like Prisma, you need an Internet connection to apply the filters.

PaintLab has more than 20 filters, and applying one is as easy as selecting it and waiting a few seconds for the app to apply it. If you like the result, just save the image to your device. If not, try a different filter.

As usual for this type of app, you can use any photo from your device or take one right from the app. Whichever way you choose, PaintLab's convenient interface makes it easy to apply the filters.

PaintLab is a great image-editing app offering a variety of really impressive filters. Unfortunately, it has the same problem as Prisma: requiring an Internet connection to use the filters.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher